Counselor in Missoula

Missoula Counselor David Meurer, LCSW

Individual Counseling Should Help People To:

  • Understand how their sense of self has developed
  • Identify beliefs that are blocking their growth and learn skills to overcome them
  • Develop skills to work through difficult emotions, stressors, and changes in their lives
  • Identify patterns of relating to oneself and others that are not working
  • Build skills to create new, healthy patterns of relating
  • Deepen self-awareness and understanding
  • Discover new ways to perceive and approach challenges
  • Build skills for self-reflection and learn to apply insight for self-change

What to Expect During Individual Counseling in Missoula:

As a Missoula counselor, my goal is to gain an understanding of the challenges that people are facing in their lives in our first session. From this meeting, we create specific goals for counseling. I work with people to understand the big picture and the smaller issues that are often important within it. I learn how these issues have developed over time, and together we come to new understandings about what the causes and parts of the problems are. I then help people learn specific skills that will allow them to cope with their challenges and begin to talk about difficult issues in a safe and effective way. As our work continues, we look at what’s going well and which areas need more time and skill building. My work is focused on helping people develop solutions that best fit their personal communication styles, goals, and personalities, and honor both their past and their future.

How Many Counseling Sessions to Expect:

The number of sessions is based entirely on an individual’s needs and goals. As counseling begins, we can discuss a number and frequency of sessions that best suits your progress and desired outcomes.

As a Missoula counselor, I make every effort to have an open schedule that works for my clients. I book sessions from 10am through 6pm Monday through Friday. Sessions are 60 minutes long. My office is in the Bike & Type Missoula Coworking Space across from Taco del Sol in downtown Missoula. If you are in an emergency and need immediate help, please call 911 or contact St. Patrick’s Hospital.

David Meurer, LCSW Missoula Counselor: 531-6250