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Missoula Mediation and Co-Parenting Consultations for Divorced and Divorcing Couples:

Mediation and parenting or co-parenting consultations are all terms for solution-focused sessions meant to help families going through divorce. These sessions are also helpful for people working with blended family issues. In Missoula mediation sessions, the goal is to promote effective parenting. There is a broad range of issues that these sessions can resolve.

Missoula Mediation and Co-parenting Services Should Help Families:

  • Find common ground to serve the best interest of their child
  • Gain insight into how divorce may impact their child and family
  • Create a system to talk about their child and his or her needs
  • Develop skills for clear and consistent parenting
  • Create a plan of healthy routines for children
  • Get answers to questions about their child’s behavior
  • Learn how to help their child reach his or her fullest potential
  • Learn tools for dealing with different parenting styles
  • Learn skills for working with teachers and other people in their child’s life

Parenting Plans for Divorced and Divorcing Couples:

A parenting plan is a support structure that is often asked for by courts in a divorce. These plans help parents by laying out a clear, written set of guidelines for co-parenting. A parenting plan may be part of what we work on in Missoula mediation sessions.

Parenting plans may include:

  • A clear, well-defined custody schedule. This includes plans for holidays, trips, school breaks, etc.
  • An outline of who is in charge of making decisions and how those decisions are made if both parents are responsible
  • A detailed plan for who takes the child to the other parent’s home and to sports and after school events, etc.
  • A list of how each parent’s finances work to meet the child’s needs
  • A plan for taking care of the child’s needs that don’t happen on a regular schedule (e.g. who stays home when a child is sick; who goes on school field trips and other events; who helps with homework; who takes the child to medical and dental visits, etc.)
  • An agreed upon system for working through challenges and conflicts when they come up
  • A system for sharing new information and talking about the child in a clear and timely way
  • A schedule to look at the plan and change it if needed

Divorce Recovery Counseling for Individuals and Families:

Divorce recovery counseling is meant to help people get through the changes and challenges that come with divorce or separation. Clients may choose to work alone or together in divorce recovery counseling in addition to Missoula mediation sessions.

Divorce recovery counseling should help people:

  • Reduce and move through negative feelings after divorce
  • Move through the grief that comes with the loss of the relationship and former life
  • Increase positive feelings and build hope about the future
  • Gain insight into how they can rebuild their lives and become empowered again
  • Learn skills to deal with living apart from their spouse and children
  • Learn co-parenting skills
  • Learn to be a positive model for their children through the changes of a divorce
  • Learn to live life as a single person and be prepared for a new relationship
  • Learn skills to manage the financial changes and challenges after a divorce
  • Learn to change their beliefs, choices, and reactions to divorce
  • Set new goals that match their changing lives

Counselor In MissoulaI make every effort to have an open schedule that works for people seeking Missoula mediation and co-parenting services. I book sessions from 10am through 6pm Monday through Friday. Sessions are 60 minutes long. My office is in the Bike & Type Missoula Coworking Space across from Taco del Sol in downtown Missoula. If you are in an emergency and need immediate help, please call 911 or contact St. Patrick’s Hospital.

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