Counselor in Missoula

Missoula Premarital Counseling with David Meurer, LCSW

Premarital Counseling Should Help Couples To:

  • Explore the attitudes and expectations that each person brings to the marriage and help couples to develop long-term goals to create a satisfying life together
  • Explore the values and beliefs that come with each person from their family of origin and understand how they potentially impact the relationship
  • Strengthen positive communication skills
  • Develop strategies to sustain their connection through challenges
  • Develop skills to navigate possible difficult topics, such as: intimacy and sexuality, parenting, finances and money issues
  • Learn to value and appreciate each other’s differences and contributions
  • Continue to build their connection and positive interactions into the future

What to Expect During the Premarital Counseling Process

Premarital counseling helps couples assess their readiness for marriage and identify areas that need to be strengthened before getting married. I then help the couple learn skills to understand and strengthen those areas. The direction of counseling and number of sessions are determined based on each couple’s unique goals and needs. Many couples find this can be done in 6-8 sessions. 

I make every effort to have an open schedule that works for people seeking premarital counseling in Missoula. I book sessions from 10am through 6pm Monday through Friday. My office is in the Bike & Type Missoula Coworking Space across from Taco del Sol in downtown Missoula. To make an appointment for premarital counseling in Missoula, you can reach me at 531-6250. If you are in an emergency and need immediate help, please call 911 or contact St. Patrick’s Hospital.